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We offer a range of Pacific services, including:

  • Pacific Cultural Workplace Training (our Koloa suite of cultural competency programmes aimed for non-Pacific organisations, who work directly with Pacific peoples in the workplace, or in your local community) and our 6 week programme is NZQA Approved.
  • Pacific language translations services
  • one-on-one language training & support – we can help you in the privacy of your office with a training programme to help you achieve an outcome (ie a Pacific language formal greeting) or an ongoing programme tailored to your needs
  • customized cultural competency training for your workplace

Our Koloa programmes can be customized to meet your organization’s specific requirements

We are proud to present out interactive workshop designed for industry professionals seeking to improve their understanding of Pacific Cultures and how best to engage Pacific peoples in the workplace.

For more information for 2019 Koloa programmes or PEC Services please contact PEC

Call us today at (09) 260 4042 and talk with Crystal or email crystal@pec.ac.nz to secure your place directly.